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Helmut Moik,

born in southern Styria (Austria)1956,
living in Markt Hartmannsdorf (Styria – Austria) married to Barbara.

Photography always has been his passion from the earliest childhood. He started off in the late 1960th with a small Revue Instametic, and changed to a Nikon FM, 1990 he improved over to the Nikon Pro Equipment with one Nikon F4 and some lenses, since then he has been an enthusiastic Nikon F System user.

In the early years he visited Lybia and Iran with their desserts, and in sequel Romania. He entered particularly the Danube Delta. Then he started working in the Nationalpark Nockberge, located in southern of Austria where he has been working ever since then during all seasons of the year. In 1998 he visited Ireland and fell in love with the beauty of the North. The amazing beautiful landscapes, lakes and animals impressed him so strongly that he and his wife Barbara have been travelling several times to the north sea of Germany. During that time he and a friend of his started the project of the first book about the Nationalpark Nockberge in Austria (Carinthia).

The following years he spent a lot of time working near the rivers of Austria and their meadows. He fell in love with the great landscapes, flowers and animals and he especially liked working in an abstract way.


Internationale Awards:

Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2000 Highly commended »

Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2003 Winner Animal Portraits »

Glanzlichter 2003 Highlight »

Glanzlichter 2005 Highlight »


Up to now Helmut Moik has published two books:

    – together with Klaus Edlinger Steirische Verlags Ges.mbH


In addition to that Helmut Moik has produced two art calendar up to now as limited edditon:


I still prefer photographing on film and having an original slide in my hand despite all the "magic" of digital imaging. I assure that my images will be leaving my home in future as well in original quality as they are caught by camera.




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