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Nationalpark Nockberge

It took us over 3 years to get the images fort he book. Together with Ewald Neffe a book designed like a Portfolio was made. A collection of the highlights ones Nationalpark´s at the boundary to Slovenia being faszinated by the amazing landscapes of the soft „Nocken“ during the different seasons. I have been longing to see my friends in carinthia in the Nocky Mountains severel times year for year. Early summer and late autumn are particular highlights. When in early summer the alpine region literally seems to be burning by the red of the “Alpine roses” and when in late autumn after first night frosts the mountain sides shine in magic brilliance the widlife photographer and nature lover go off into state of trance.


The book is available in the office of the Nationalpark and in book shops in Austria.

Coming out by publishing house
Pichler/Styria Verlag
Lobkowitzplatz 1
A-1010 Vienna
ISBN 3-222-12958-4



Living by the river

"You must grant your amicability the rivers"

Duwamisch, Chieftain Seattle is said having claimed in his famous speech for US-Präsidenten Franklin Pierce (1853-1857), when his tribesmen the land for their ancestors had the transfer to white people. „The rivers grant our amicability ……“ that appears temporarily like a profound play of words since we have been talking about “quality of waters” and since wholesome rivers are not self-evident anymore. In a work over perennial years I took photos about the most beautiful meadows of Austria. From west to east und from north to south I was working by sunshin and rain and by wind and snow. It has been developed together with Klaus Edlinger. Klaus wrote sensitive and critical but exquisitely lyrical texts. A book which is an unique ode on the rivers of Austria. The honoured Bernd Lötsch – Professor of university and general direktor of Natural History Museum at Vienna – wrote the preface. The presentation of the book took place in the festival room of the Natural History Museum in October 2003 just in the nick time before “The year of the water” was proclaimed.


The book is available in Austria´s book shops.

Coming out by publishing house
Steirische Verlags GesmbH
Ankerstraße 4
A-8057 Graz
ISBN 3-85489-099-0



Wild Planet

Fantatstic exhibition on the occasion of 46 anniversary of "Wildlife Photographer of the Year" in Brighton



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Adventures with polar bears in Churchill

A frosty wind is brushing across the Hudson Bay and burrows deep furrows into landscapes and the faces of their people.