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A frosty wind is brushing across the Hudson Bay and burrows deep furrows into landscapes and the faces of their people. I had the feeling that the wildlife habitat looked like an ice dessert inhospitable and cold. However I did not feel cold at the moment. In front of me was something which was attracting my advertency.
The king of the arctic gave credit me and moved closer. It was a female bear. Incredible, a mother and their two cubs. The cubs were not any two years old. The family placed on snow closer than 70 meters and showed very relaxed. Mother and cubs appreciated just a single glance at us before they were sleeping.
Enjoy the new pictures and look in any time you please!
Best regards, Helmut Moik
News 2007
Nature as Art – Helmut Moik – has an official coorporation with Lazy Bear Lodge at Churchill near Hudson Bay. If you want to go there to experience the wunderful arctic region and their flora and fauna contact please or
Running projects for 2007
July  -  Summer in the arctic region 
You can marvel the magnificent flora and fauna and the unforgettable impressions at the Hudson Bay.
November -  The polar bears of Churchill
Churchill is called the world capital of the polar bear. A visit of the City will give you some unforgettable adventures. Eye to eye with the polar bears. This journey is especially for people what feeling strong in nature and love photography.
That is the first organized tour to Lazy Bear Lodge by Nature as Art – already fully booked.

With kind regards
Helmut Moik, Mar 05, 2007

Wild Planet

Fantatstic exhibition on the occasion of 46 anniversary of "Wildlife Photographer of the Year" in Brighton



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